looking for scrap steel sheet metal

If anyone has any scrap steel sheet metal from computer cases, or any other consumer goods with a decent gauge please let know. I am looking into some fun little projects possibly for the welding class with using copper backing plates and using our mig gun on sheet metal. I have a car body panels I picked up to show how to repair rust holes or punctures. I may be overthinking the welding class and what to put into it but where I am at thus far is a “practical use” welding class. I see a lot of people wanting to repair and make things out of the box that is just focusing on angle iron and tubing. Mr. Bill I am looking to so split some of this up and was told you were bringing down aviation metal working stuff? If so can you let me know what you brought as to what I do not need to dig out of my old hangar box. I am mainly looking to show the klikos and use as well as try to find my rivet gun and bucking bar as well. I should be at the meeting tomorrow night unless my wife makes me do birthday stuff lol.

Not scrap sheet steel, but I’ve got some decent bar stock from AMS. 1/2-3/4" with 4-5" width. Also some stainless steel.

Thank you for letting me know. I do not know if kirk is still on the boards as was going to clean up the blasting cabinet good and see if any other media’s were purchased for it. As soon as I get my schedule together I will get a basic class to certify on the welder…even using scrap if need be to keep cost as low as possible. If anyone is needing “certification / an a ok” and need it sooner than the classes I can do let me know and we can get it taken care of. There are GREAT you tube videos from guys who have been welding than I have been alive.

I do not want to bulk up the message boards however I am going to look for a used/donated 110v might that can do just Flux core or hopefully gas. To have a portable welder we can bring out on the back dock and run off heavy extension cord/generator for the whole practical welding direction I think would go well. Things that can’t fit in the hive or pain in the butt are going to be likely repairs once you start learning. Hitch related stuff, yard equipment, motorcycle/bicycle, and especially automotive. As winter is hitting it’s not a must right now but donation letters I have to send to companies come the first of the year hopefully results in some swag :slight_smile:

we have a long enough 240v extension cable that the mig welder we have can make it to the back dock :wink:

Our MIG will also do up to around setting “7” (which is more than is required for welding angle iron together) on 110 with ease.

I’ve got some old metal shelves I can bring down.

Which reminds me, there are a few rusting out back of the Hive as well.

I would like to move/scrap/melt down the awesome (crappy) metal shelving in the middle of the metal room. I’m not sure how it got there but it is very in the way.

Is there an owner?

Post a pic?

The 220 welder we have I would be very nervous wheeling out on to the dock and getting it to ground level. I had a snap on 110v mig that was very portable. If the work is able to be done up on the landing our setup wouldn’t be bad at all with wheel locks lol its for work on ground level by the edge that would be nerve racking. Plus I’m hoping to get one donated or if the snap on/matco tool guys I use get a trade in and need to make donations for taxes :). I am by no means looking to make it a new big item purchase. The tig is the main focus dollar wise before any other big welding purchasing.

Um… The hardest part of maneuvering our current MIG is the gas tank. If we use that tank for a TIG and get a smaller one for the MIG, it would be super portable.


I have seen way to many dropped and take a decent hit. I guess it might just be my perspective on it as we do not have an actual ramp to get it down to pavement level. There are a few cool reason for a small lightweight mig that can get in places and be more of a job site type unit and not just a station queen. I guess it comes down to my personal experience with pucker factor and seeing guys trash a dam nice mig by damaging whip/ connections as well as seeing one take a 5 foot fall that someone tried balancing on a rotary lift annnnnd smash. If we could get a small licoln/hobart hobby welder mig for free or very little money it would be a plus.

Totally fair.


BTW, not sure if you are aware of this or not. Last few classes I’ve taken the instructor charged a nominal fee which covered the materials, and a small tool (endmills). I could easily see something similar for the welding class, charging to get a nice piece of sheet steel from the Homeless Despot and a few MIG tips.

Buying brand new sheet metal defeats the purpose of having to prep metal for a repair for a part of the aspect…welding area, getting a good ground, etc . I will be getting some new stuff from the steel company in blue ash likely that Ryan uses. From the sound of it they had really nice delivery.

I can start the scrounging engine. I have some rusty 16 guage, and likely can take the sides off an old dryer. I have a truck I am chopping down to make a trailer, any number of good rusty do dads on that… It’s been sidelined (tree hit house, took a year to get the roof fixed sans torn shingles on installation) and work and such. I oughta fire up the 'ol sawzall anyway. What volume of stuff are you looking for? I have chromed tubes (bedrails) an ac unit cover, even a doodad thrown away for a cracked weld. Likely you can help get me out of a heap of trouble by converting this stuff to lessononium.

Is there a way to drop pics here? would it be attach file? grumble… my email skillz are all underpowered… would be nice if google groups supported a pic drop box.