looking for reclaimed wood

I've been kicking around a wood project for a while and decided it would be a good candidate for reclaimed wood. The piece would need to be approximately 16" wide 20" long and 2" thick, and I could always glue a couple pieces together for width if necessary. Final thickness would be about 1 3/4. Does anyone here have such a source.

wooden pallets?

Bummer. If I’d seen your message 2 days ago I’d have brought you some 50+ year old siding off my barn.

I’d steer away from wood pallets if your project is going to be indoors or handled. They can easily get contaminated and reused so it’s difficult to know the history of one.

I have a bunch of wood pallets if anyone needs them. Some are standered and others are for sheet metal and are 44"wide x 12’ long
If you need any text me at 859-512-2302

Well, barn wood is what I'm looking for mainly for the width. Pallet boards are not really wide enough for the look I want.