looking for microphone cable

Hello everyone,

I am looking for microphone cable for wiring the limit switches on the Shapeoko. Right now the limit switches are wired by unshielded wires and a lot of noise is coming from the stepper motors.

I want to add shielding on this connection and microphone cable is ( I think) the cheapest option and also very flexible. I am looking for something like this:


I know there is some musician among our members, so dig in your rack and cases!


How much you need? I’ve got tons (many kinds). Do you need XLR connectors, or are you doing a different pinning. 2 pair & shield? Let me know how much to bring and I’ll have it for you.


I will need at least 6 cables of 6.5 foot long. For XLR connectors, I will need cable connector (male or female) and a connector that could be solered on PCB.

If you have these ,It will be perfect!