looking for a 1U rackmount server


i'm interested in purchasing a 1U rackmount server to replace my
current server at the data center. space is the issue as the current
box is a regular pc tower. specs in my server are 8gb ram, q6600 cpu,
and 2x sata drives. i would like to get something with comparable
specs, but the pickings are pretty slim on craigslist for cincinnati.
i've also searched all the major surrounding cities as i would be
willing to drive to go pick up a system.

does anyone have any leads on someone who might be selling a
decommissioned system; or does anyone have suggestions for other
places to look?

thanks :]

thanks for the replies, everyone. i ended up finding a 1u on cl
yesterday that was within driving distance; got it re-built last night
and deployed into the data center this morning. thanks again for all
the kind offers, i really appreciate being friends with such great
people :]