Looking for 110v AC motor 1/2hp ish

Im working on a project where I need a 110v shaft drive ac motor. One out of a junk drill press would be perfect lol but I can adapt. Its final use will be mounted with a vbelt pulley on it to spin a bowl that holds a bowling ball. It is used to help resurface and fix bowling balls as katie and I bowl a bit and pro shops charge quite a bit to use theirs and to buy one is OUTRAGEOUS in price lol. If anyone has an extra ac motor from a project they might think will work for sale or trade please let me know it would help a lot and finish a project I have to get outta the way :slight_smile: … I am looking for under 3k rpm… hopefully around 1k to 1.5k and can control a lot by pulley size, I was even contemplating a washing machine motor.

Thanks everyone!

I noticed when we went to look at the new space that there’s at least three motors on a cart in the hallway that I haven’t moved in many years. I would say you could use one of those.


Chris Davis… I believe.