Locksport classes/workshops

So does anybody know if we can start Locksport classes/workshops? Or is the ‘Locksport’ name only given based on certain conditions? I noticed pumping station one has Locksport sessions and several people from the Hive and 2600 have had workshops on lockpicking… what would it take to have a Locksport branded workshop/competitions? This will also be good for those of you who have ordered the Open Locksport picks from Shuyler. I believe saying your are with TOOOL has restrictions but what about Locksport?


I would be very interested in this. I went in w/ the kickstarter for Shuyler so I could get my own picks (whenever they finally ship…). I really enjoyed the session we did a while back w/ ChrisA’s friend Sam (the ninja).

The way it worked for the class I went too is Sam explained the basics of what lockpicking was, gave a tutorial on some of the more obscure tools then set everyone loose on a pile of random locks. At the end of the class Sam had set up a demo // challenge with picking a couple locks in a set period of time. I have pestered ChrisA to get Sam to come in again but I think there have been scheduling conflicts.

Hey Guys,

There's no issue with branding a series of classes as "locksport."
It's just a generic term used to describe all aspects of lockpicking &
physical security, typically of an incredibly benign intent.

I speak with some authority on the matter as I had Schuyler out to my
school a dozen times last semester to run a series of classes for
other students here. He's a very awesome guy.

If you have any questions about lockpicking, organizing locksport
classes, setting up lock libraries, where to get/how to make awesome
tools, etc, ping me and I'll do my best to help out.


Awesome Ian! That’s exactly the info I was looking for. Any info on organizing a locksport class would be appreciated. I think there is plenty interest in these classes, we just need to start it. The whole ‘if we build it…yada yada’ mantra. :slight_smile:

Thanks again!


the official stuff came with trying to start a TOOOL chapter.

sam said they do a lot of research and the individual chapters get
early/cheap access to the stuff they make.

sam's been out of the country and stuff, so if there is this much
interest in it, then it's time to find additional resources. one that
i suggest is the Bloomington Fraternal Order Of Locksport:

The FOOLs are an incredible group of guys! Definitely worth reaching
out to.

i have hung out with the bloomington guys at notacon and defcon in the
past. i emailed them so hopefully they will get back to us soon :slight_smile: