Lock Modding Videos

Just wanted to share some videos from the locksport kickstarter that came out today. These videos involve modifying the locks themselves. Very cool hacks and we should definitely try some at our next lock picking event.

Plug Modding: Lefty Loosey, Righty Tighty

Here’s the idea: Make a lock that can unlock by one key, lock by another, but neither able to to do the other’s job. I’m far from the first to do this, locksmiths have been doing it for decades, but it’s not something often explored and when I first heard about it I decided to figure out how it worked. Turns out it’s simple and once you look at all the parts of the lock you can see, pretty quickly how to do it. I wrote up my process a few years ago on LP101 and last night I committed the process to video.

See The Plug Modding Video Here!

Now, why would you want to do this? I wasn’t sure myself when I first tried it out, but when I showed the lock to me general manager back then he said “Oh, that would be great, if we could just give employees keys that locked the doors and not give them the ability to unlock them.”

Make Your Own Security Pins

This one is both beautiful and practical. I picked up the idea from some folks on LP101 who had been experimenting with it. It’s pretty fun and easy to do. Just chuck a pin in a power drill and run a file along it. Voila! You have a really cool looking pin that will add a good amount of pick resistance to your lock.

See The Custom Pins Video Here!