Lock forensics class

Hello, I cant seem to find any info on the class that is tonight. Is it free? I was thinking of showing a friend the space tonight and figured this would be a good class to show. However, I don’t want to be surprised by a fee for 3 people at the door.

It is free. I don’t think we have much planned for tonight. I plan on making a cutaway lock and I’m not sure what Brian is up to but I’m sure it will be interesting :slight_smile:

We will have stuff for you to do tho, so stop on by!

Excellent! I’ve wanted to learn how to make those. Will there be lock pick making as well?

Yeah, typically with new people we show them how to pick locks then give them info on how to make their own picks…then we give the material and the tools and let them at it :smiley:

I may or may not be there tonight- but if I am I’ll bring some more homebrew! :slight_smile: cheers!