Local PCB Manufacturer

I remember a while back somebody said there was a local manufacturer who could build PCB boards for us (and maybe even populate them). Does anybody have their contact info. If they are not too expensive I would like to use somebody local instead of ordering from china :slight_smile:


The company we had been talking to was Spectra Tech. I don't know the
specific contact info of anyone there, but Ed or James probably would.



A local company that I used to co-op with, Valco, had the majority of
their surface-mount boards made there. If Ed or James don't have any
contacts at Spectra Tech, I will try to get in touch with my old
manager at Valco and see if he is still in contact with anyone there.

I sent an email to Spectra Tech and somebody named Jason got right back with me and has been really helpful. I don’t know if they will be able to help me there but they might recommend somewhere. I’m not looking to have thousands of boards made so Spectra Tech may not do it for me :slight_smile: Any other contact info will be appreciated.



We should start our own =P

It’s a big expensive… :slight_smile:

yeah… Although I would be kind of curious to know how commercial etching companies do it to get such excellent results, maybe an idea for a guest speaker at the hive?

I think a tour of Spectra Tech would be amazing (based on their pics on their website)