Local Metal Retailer?

Friendly Fellow Hive Folk,

I need some angle iron … 3/16"x2"x1.25" (or so) greater than 6’ long… A36 is good enough. And some 1-3/4" square tube - only a few feet.

Could anyone recommend a local shop where such things might be acquired (other than a big box store)? My online search didn’t really make me feel like I found all the local outlets.

I’m in instant gratification mode - I’ll go wherever in the metro area on Monday… At this point my best bet is “Metal Supermarkets” in West Chester… Any improvements would be appreciated…



Try American Metal Supply on Williamson ave.

Alro Steel

Kevin, Dave,

Thank you much! Material on its way…

Now, if I just knew how to weld I could avoided buying flanges. Sigh - that’s another month’s problem. Probably next decade…


Learning to MIG steel is a pretty quick thing… an evening will get you going.