Local epoxy sources?

I am going to need a decent amount (300-500ml) of epoxy for potting some parts. 1 hour/2hour preferred to 5 minute. I think Lowe’s has a 4.5oz pack of Devcon 5 minute for about $15 but I was really hoping for a longer work time.


Any ideas?


West System 105 epoxy comes immediately to mind.


It looks to be available locally at Rockler and a few marine dealers.

  • Ry

You might also want to look at “casting resin”. Various two part resins, epoxy and similar, are sold in large quantity at lower prices. Model, craft, hobby, plastics suppliers.

I’ve used the polyester resin from TAP plastics. It’s pretty good. You can print molds on a 3d printer with nylon or use RTV.


I ended up getting a 2x4oz tube set of clear 5 minute epoxy and doing it out in the cold. ~40f weather is good enough to slow down the set time on 5 minute epoxy to about 12 minutes, FYI. Used about 3/4 of the epoxy I bought…