Loaned Vacuum chamber and pump

I am loaning my Best Value Vac Brand Vacuum chamber and Pittsburgh 3CFM vacuum pump to the hive to allow people a chance to mess with it.

A few pieces of advice,

your resin, foam or silicone will nearly double in the space it takes when its degassing… make sure its in a large enough container… If you are close to spilling over, drop the vacuum for a moment and the bubbling will go down.
keep track of your working time
If you have spill over CLEAN IT IMMEDIATELY! It is a complete bitch to clean cured resin foam and silicone from in it.
put cloth or a spill mat down when pouring molds or casts, it can get messy.
make sure there is vacuum oil in the pump, I filled it when I got there. It will burn out if its running empty, if there isnt any dont use it and let me know.

If you have any questions on how to use it, let me know, its pretty simple with two valves and a on switch.

I’ll make another post about classes on casting and molding to see what everything thinks is a better plan maybe tomorrow.