Just a quick update.

I just confirmed our participation at Live*Make Oct 6, 12-5pm.

They will make an official press release on Monday. For now they have a FB page up:

I requested a few tables for us to use as well.

Who all is planning on helping at this event?

I’ll forward more info as I get it.


I’m in. At some point, I’ll try to make a nice stained version of the 6-packer with the Moerlein logo burned into it. Also, I still have the pouch of five Beer Tokens we can try to incorporate into something (as long as I get them back).

We’re playing flag football starting next week and there’s still some confusion as to whether it’ll be Mondays or Tuesdays, so I may or may not be able to bring the Beer Tokens to a Tuesday meeting. But I could bust out the calipers and get some dimensions for those who want them.


Unfortunately Tiff and I will be out of town that weekend :frowning:
However we can lend the hive some laser-cut tap handles for display.

I got a response on beer at the event:

“Yes, Moerlein is providing a few different bottled beers, not sure which ones yet, but they will be free. You had mentioned a breathalyzer test, I think that would be awesome to have at the Launch!”

So we will not only have beer but FREE beer :smiley: Plus it looks like any/all alcohol gadgets we have built should be brought. Although I’m thinking it would be rude to bring our own micro-brews to this event… :slight_smile:

Attached is a map of the layout. Our location is in orange.

We’ll post official notification when the Press Release comes out on our blog, etc.


Brewhouse Sketch.pdf (326 KB)