I confirmed a space for us for this event. Info below:

"LIVE MAKE invites Hive13 to showcase itself at the LIVE MAKE Launch on October 6th, 2012 from 12pm-5pm. This is a one day event and exhibition at the Moerlein Brewhouse, which is also the closing event for ArchiNATI (Cincinnati’s architecture festival). The venue will provide you the opportunity to showcase and promote your own organization, and have Hive13’s members display or sell their work.

You will be provided with wall space to exhibit work. Tables can be furnished, but we ask that you provide your own display shelves, stands, or tables if you are able. Hive13 should be the forefront of the display, but as stated above, individual Hive13 members are welcome and encouraged to sell or display their work.There is an overhead door to accommodate large works. Final space limitations will be determined once invitees have been confirmed, but should be roughly 16’x8’. "

I would like to gather projects to be put on display. Bill, the shapesh!tter would be a great one as well as any part of CinD Lou that we could demo. If there will be alcohol there (assuming so) I’ll also setup a drinking booth for the breathalyzer game :slight_smile: We have a decent amount of space so I would like to see as many cool projects as possible at this event.


Awesome! I know a few of us could bring beer themed projects, too. Tiffany and Mike should bring a few of their laser etched tap handles!


Based on the location, I think that would be excellent :smiley:

I’m up for it! I imagine we could serve rootbeer using the tap handles…wonder if real beer would be OK? :slight_smile:

It would be easy to bring the led window assemblies down. Perhaps a giant bar graph for the drink shield?

I wonder if we can get a big sheet of wax paper or something for it. At the very least it would draw a lot of attention to our area.

A roll of butcher paper would work. Also easy to rearrange as a 15’ tall line or anything else. Perhaps sound meters on a couple, progress meter for the shapesh!tter on one… It’s just spi and power to drive them. We have an arduino shield, or just jumpers will do it.

I also have the small matrix in the lamp on the bar.

What a great venue and event! Darn, but I'll be out-of-town that
weekend! However, Galileo's Finger was intended to be portable for
such events too. Maybe Cin-D LOU posed adjacent to it with shape sh!
tters making shot glasses for craft beer samples and the LED glass-
block wall? We'll blow them away! The race is on to get Cin-D LOU's
head working in time.


That brew house has special coins too. I think it would be cool to print a bottle opener with their coin.

Also yes. The finger must come with us!

I’ve got a set of the coins. I’ll bring them to the meeting on Tuesday night to come up with some ideas to feature them.