Live CNC Final Friday Tonight

The Hive13 MakerBot and CraftRobo will be operating at Losantiville on Main St. in OTR tonight for Final Friday. Such&such is a company that operates out of Losantiville’s space and they acquired a Stinger II CNC machine this week which they will be running. The theme of the night will be “Live CNC”. Our goal is to hopefully produce items on demand for gallery walkers.

Final Friday on Main is always a good time. Another event that is part of Final Friday tonight that you may be interested in is the Pop Up Swap Shop - a shop of locally crafted items - right next door to Losantiville.

Come on down and see what’s been happening.

Final Friday:
Stinger II:

Pop Up Swap Shop:


P.S. - I’ll return the MakerBot and CraftRobo to the Hive either late tonight or sometime on Sunday.