List of sodas needed for Soda Machine

For the people filling the machine, we need:

24 cans of Sprite
24 cans of Dr Pepper
24 cans of Diet Coke
24 cans of Diet Mountain Dew

(Estimating a little low because some of the slots are narrower than others)

We do not need Coke, Mountian Dew, or Random Slot soda. :slight_smile:

I even wrote this down, and then proceeded to get it wrong! Hurray.

I got:
36 cans of Sprite
36 cans of Dr Pepper
36 cans of Regular (!) Mountain Dew

I did not get Diet Coke because I heard someone else was bringing that in next week.

By my estimation, the Dr Pepper slot can hold about 36 more cans, it’s in a big one. I might get 24 more so as to avoid trying to stuff it.

Question: Should I just leave the Regular Mountain Dew here atop the vending machine, (Or secret it away in the bowels of my room?) or should I return it for now?

You can put it in the bottom of the red vending machine (currently taped shut). It will be needed sooner or later!

Receipt gets my name on it and goes in the black box under the projector screen switch, I presume?

That’s what Jim said previously I believe!

Good, I’m not crazy then! Well, in this instance.


This past Thursday, I also picked up the following:

  • 36 cans of Diet Mountain Dew (This time for sure.)
  • 24 more cans of Dr Pepper (Still didn’t fill it all the way up!)

I forgot to drop the receipt in then, though I did remember to take home the cardboard for recycling. I’ll deposit the receipt this tuesday.