LIMITED RELEASE: MP Mini Delta - Lowest Priced Professional Quality 3D Printer in the World!

Wow. $160 small Delta printer.
Looks to be 110mm diameter by 120mm high.


How long does this deal last? I’d love to snag one.


Heath -

This is a good but not outstanding deal for a printer of that restrictively tiny build volume. Unless delta kinematics are of interest to you on their own merits, I wouldn’t be in a rush to buy.

  • Ry

the 50 micron and 150mm/sec print speed is nice.

I would not recommend getting this printer. Have seen this printer work first hand, there is a lot of quality control issues. Moreover the build volume in super tiny - cant print anything larger than trinkets.

I was wondering about the build quality for such a low price.
The small build volume wasn’t as much of a concern. As long as you know what you are getting.
I was thinking of a second printer.