Light Projection On Surface Group Project

I purposely kept the subject of this topic general until we decide how
we want to proceed. I am so interested in this that I am willing to
head up the project and deal with the logistics of having a group of
us work on this together. I already know there is alot of interest in
the group for this. I think a group project will give us the boost we
need, and the ability to show off to everyone else. If you are
interested let me know via email.

Basically I want us to be able to project an image on the wall of the
building on campus. Either via a laser or powerful projector. Both
methods have its pros and cons. I have some attached website so that
you know what I'm talking about.

Laser method:
+ much cheaper, maybe a few hundred
- hardware seem more difficult
+ brighter
- all the graphics must be done before hand
- less interactive
+ could make a mini video
- hardware limits to what could be drawn based on the speed
+ probably could project on clouds

Projector method:
- more expensive maybe 5,000 to buy a projector, 1,500 if we build it
+ easier hardware (some of the group already has it done)
+ we can draw on buildings, no need for premade graphics
+ other passerbyers could participate

we don't need to decide which method until we get an interested group

I'm in. Either or both methods. I've always liked this subject :slight_smile:


Agreed - always a fun read; it will be fun to participate in making it real.

I’m in. not sure how i can help but i have always wanted to participate in some Graffiti Research Labs type project.

For the laser projector, maybe we could find a way to make it interactive? Why do you need pre-made images?

In any case, I would also like to get in on this project.

There were several video projectors at the UC surplus sale, including a freaking HUGE unit for like $50. If nothing else the optics are probably worth it. I don’t know if it sold, but it is doubtful. It was scary big. I have a suburban we can haul it in if it is still there at next month’s sale.

That said, do we want to make a more organized trip out of this next sale? Possibly get some lockers, shelves, tables, whatever.

Yep, it sounds like a neat idea with some definite notoriety potential
for the Hive. Count me in to help where I can. Avishaan, thanks for
agreeing to be the chief cat herder for this next do-ocracy project!


Count me in as help also. I have a truck and can haul large things.

if the projector route is taken, what is the main source of cost with the projector? is it the bulb?

I guess it shouldn't be so bad to build a projector. We probably need
like a 4000 lumen projector. Part of the work will be testing and
figuring out what we need.

$90 Need an LCD with a broken backlight
$150 for a couple fresnel lenses for the LCD
$20 for a projection lens
$50 for a Metal Halide bulb
$100 for a ballast for the bulb (we could use a different bulb so we
dont have to use a ballast)
$50 some cables, fans, a box

about $410

if we got lucky for a surplus sale that would probably help us out

How big does the LCD need to be? (or how small?)

The bigger the LCD and bigger the fresnel lenses we need and the
bigger the box we need.
The smaller the LCD, the lower resolution as price is kept constant.

We could probably use like a 15" LCD.

We need to have a couple physical mtgs to get this going.

I'm thinking between Wednesday night at 7pm and Thursday night at
Let me know which nights work better for you guys.

We need to have a couple physical mtgs to get this going.

I'm thinking between Wednesday night at 7pm and Thursday night at
Let me know which nights work better for you guys.

Both nights should work for me.

there are some broken LCD monitors at the space. surely one has a bad backlight.

also, i’ll be at the hive on wed. @7:30p for python night, we could meet before that?

I have only looked at two of the LCD’s, I think the one has a bad LCD (or maybe a bad controller) it gets lines in it as it runs longer, and the lines get worse as it goes. And the other one I checked out if you hooked it up and hit the power button, the blue “on” light would come on, and nothing else would happen.

I tried to frankenstein the two together, only to find out that despite being the exact same model and having the exact same outward appearance, they were completely different on the inside, down to the case coming apart differently.

That was only two of them though, so out of the 6 we have we should have at least a couple that are the same so we can get a working one out of them.

Would an LCD from an otherwise non-working laptop work?

I would think so.