Lexan/Acrylic sheet

I’m going to try to make an electrical guard for the C&C and I would like to use a piece of the Lexan that’s floating around.
There is an old piece against the lounge window and another thicker piece leaning by the pallet rack.

The one by the lounge window looks pretty old so I’m going to cut out a 2’x3’ piece.


There is a long rectangular sheet over there that is around 3/8 and like 2.5 feet by 5 feet. Im pretty sure dustin put our name on it lol if not he can tell exactly which one it is. I do need it for a home project coming up… if you need to use it though go for it and well find more later.

I am building ductwork and a heavy duty case to add a upgraded air cooler for the welders and protect them during transport.

I ended up using the thinner piece.



Cool, if anyone needs to use it feel free i wont be able to use it for about a month so. That way if someone is stuck and is doing something that day go for it and we can find stuff for mine later.

Got the BigCNC in a less unsafe state tonight.

Thanks to all who helped (Will & John) and Ryan for cleaning up my mess. :grinning: