Left my Sound Reactive Seed of Life project hanging up until we leave for Burning Man for your enjoyment.

The seed of Life (7 2m polypro tubes, 14m of 30/led/m WS2811 addressable tape, arduino, MSG EQ7, electret breakout.) is hanging off the gas pipe for the Reznor heater. I finally got the new DC-DC power supply sorted out and managed not to nuke the arduino in the process. I still need to seal the wires and make the connections air/dirt tight.

The rats nest of wires and battery that it’s running off of will be dealt with this week. Speak or play music near the rats nest (or find the mic) and say hello. There are a few effects that happen on high levels of bass, and high levels of trebel. It takes some decent music or speach volume to trigger these effects.

Enjoy! Feel free to ask questions :slight_smile:

This is what the F i’m talking about, btw: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydEBsrZcgdE

Hooray! With the seed running off a 120V PSU, the wierd noise effects are gone, and the whole thing (was) working when I left. As I said in the meeting, it rarely stays that way, but I hope it does this time.

SHADDOX: don’t touch any more buttons, man :wink:

Also specs for “wiring harness”:
5V@20A x 2 (power, ground)
16ga (data)

breaks out to:
7x16ga (loop grounds)
7x16ga (loop power)

Each hoop has:
Data In - (in from brain or from previous loop)
Data Out (out to next loop)
Power (from main 7 way breakout)
Ground (from main 7 way breakout)
Max power disipation per loop at full white: 14.4W @ 5VDC

I’d LOVE having a solution to make it easy to take apart (cut the zip ties and disconnect the rings from eachother for packing/storage) for now it stays fully assembled and can stay that way in the RV trailer out to burning man.

It doesn’t matter wh