LED shortage.

We are about 10 LEDs short (90 boards left, 80 LEDs. Could someone please bring 20 or so 3mm (or bigger in a pinch) LEDs to the fair. They don’t have to blink. Do we have any at the hive?

In other news, we only have 90 boards left. :slight_smile: There are 20 more in the “see if someone can undo the mistakes” box.

I have some 3mm green LEDs I will bring down. I probably won’t be there until about 11:30 or 11:45 though.

See you there!

Marcus -

Check my yellow tackle box in the far back corner of our area. One of the clear storage trays contains a couple hundred red and yellow 5mm LEDs. Take as many as you need.

Thanks Ryan! As you know, once I sat down and the lines formed, I never got up again and I didn’t check my email before Jon brought the green ones.

I was so frazzled at the end yesterday that despite the fact I went back to get your power strip and move it to the back twice, I forgot to do so each time. I hope it made it’s way home.