LED Order

In case anyone here is interested:

I’m getting ready to do an LED order. Right now, I have:

50 Meters of WS2812, 60 LED’s/Meter, Non-Waterproof (signing for random project) @ 5.95/meter
50 Meters of WS2812, 60 LED’s/Meter, Waterproof (misc stuff) @ 6.04/meter
10 Meters of WS2812, 144 LED’s/Meter Non Waterproof (misc stuff) @ 10.01/meter
30 Meters of 5050 RGBW, 120 LED’s/Meter, Waterproof. (Deck lighting) @ 5.95/meter

If anyone is interested in grabbing a meter, or, want more, please let me know. My goal is to place the order next week (Thursday/Friday), and worst case scenario I should have the stuff in by the first week of July.


If you have 2m of the 144/m ws2812 to spare, I’d be interested.