Leaving lumber in woodworking area

Hey all,

I am leaving some boards in the woodworking area and will come back probably tomorrow morning to finish up. I swept up just now but the jointer is covered in chips so I will clean that tomorrow morning. There’s a stack on the workbench and a stack next to the new mitre saw.

I will probably not make it to game night tonight because of kid duty. Out of curiosity tho, is game night typically kid friendly?


The big machines usually aren’t running on game night, but safety is of course still your responsibility. I’d caution against bringing very young children for this reason.

As with all things Hive13, game night is a reflection of who shows up. We’ve had kids join in before, and simply selected appropriate card/board games. There are also multiple TVs and game consoles in the lounge, so splitting off into smaller groups might be useful.

  • Ry