Learn To Solder supplies

I’m going to do the micro LTS event for the cub scout den this afternoon. My wife has volunteered to come along, so I think we can handle it. If someone wants to come just let me know.
I’ll inventory the supplies and get a list of what we will need for the upcoming MiniMakerFaire.
We probably will need to order a bit of everything.
Is there a way to check on the PCB’s?
Most of the other stuff we can get from Amazon/Ebay pretty easily.


Brad “doing stuff” Walsh

PCBs take time for free (i.e. think in advance) or can be purchased for delivery in <1 week for a cheap rate, no more than a dollar per board.
Let me know how many we have. I’ll ask James how many he has. I can get more…

I’ll do an inventory when I get back from the event today.



The mini event went well. Only 5 kids. The leader gave me $20, I put it in the lockbox in the kitchen with a note on it.

I inventoried the supplies:
3 power strips
2 nice irons
4 OK irons
2 brass wiping thingys

345 magnets
794 LED’s
417 batteries
~800 holders
365 boards

It would probably be nice to have ~500 kits worth of inventory.
I think it will more depend on how many boards we can get before the maker faire.
We could order:
150 magnets
100 batteries
2 more nice irons (Weller LED lighted ones)
Some extra chisel tips

Since we have some time, maybe get the magnets and batteries from China?
Last time I did Amazon and I think they were a bit more expensive.

The Weller irons are $20 each on Amazon:

Batteries are $21 per 100


I’ll ping James@OSH Park monday or tuesday.

And if I recall, supplies were very inexpensive in q1000 from ebay / aliexpress.