Learn to solder, Maker Faire @ CCPL 6/18

The Hive’s learn to solder program was a hit at least year’s Clermont County Maker festival. They’d really like us to come back to the Union Twp. (Eastgate) branch.

Also - anyone who has something of their own that they would like to showcase independent of the Learn to Solder program is welcome to apply. My wife is the branch manager so I should be able to get questions answered pretty quickly.



I expect to be in New York for a family deal 6/18 so I don’t expect to be able to volunteer but I don’t mind coordinating resources and volunteers for this. I’ve already got Laen stockpiling more circuit boards for us. I can make sure we have enough other parts, too.

Anyone else want to help on this one? I don’t want to sign the Hive up for something I can’t personally be there to help with.


Something I’ve been meaning to do for a long while, I’ll try to make it a priority to update the wiki with everything I have on the badges in the next few weeks. BOM, board files, etc.

That will make it easier for anyone to volunteer.

I will volunteer for the day.
If we could get a few others to help out with a 1 or 2 hour shift that will make things easier for everybody.
I did it last year and it was pretty fun. I only burned my finger once . . . .
The best part was when one sibling ran away with a blinky badge and then their brother/sister came by asking about it, acting like they really didn’t want one, but might try it out if it was OK. (joy of preteenagers).
I was happy to see a nice mix of boys and girls.


As discussed at the meeting last night, I’ll make sure we are good to go on supplies and logistics. if anyone can possibly assist instructing, that would be great! The event goes from 10-3 so 4 people would probably be ideal. I think Alex was interested as well as Brad?

Looks like our son has a golf thing on Saturday’s from 11-12 so I could help in the afternoon, say 1-3.


I made a sign up spreadsheet for this event. So far we only have 1 + 1/2 committed volunteers which will make things hard. Anyone who can come help, please do. Not much in the way of compensation except seeing young eyes light up, but still.



I’m not going to make it to the meeting tonight to beat the drum as it is my daughter’s birthday but hopefully someone else can beat the drum for me.

I posted a sign up spreadsheet link.

I have procured 450-1000 pieces of all supplies. Had to pay for dhl shipping on some of it but… we’re ready to go at this point. (Pic attached)



Potential volunteers, don’t discount the value of the compensation in the form of “seeing young eyes light up.” It’s very rewarding and you do not need to be a very experienced solderer. We have had instructors who’s first soldering experience was the same day they were teaching.

I still don’t know if I’m going to be in town, which is why I have not yet signed up.

Besides the supplies for the devices themselves, here is the checklist I use, I hope this helps:


Things to bring








soldering irons



safety glasses (from hive)

diagonal cutters


extension cord

power strip

helping hands/vice



learn to solder books


paper towels


writing utensils

donation jar




lozinges/ cough drops

first aid


Test solder material


Things to do

pack all the above

make artwork

find out where to go

make donation jar

So far have 2 full time and 2 part time volunteers. Could really use more considering we had 300+ people last year. Please oh please come help if you can!



I’m planning on signing up for the event as well as my wife I am going to teach her a little bit more techniques with soldering so she can help as well. Do we have any little fume extractors for on the tables where we will be soldering. If someone can get back to me ASAP I might have a really cool option with USB fume fans

Also will I need to bring my own iron to the learn to solder or does the hive have ones that they bring?

It’s an open area. We haven’t bothered with fume extractors in the past. I’m going to try to be there by 9 when they open to set up. If you’re dead set on giving them a try, I see no problem with it.

I’m going to head down to the space and pick up irons, etc. and go through Marcus’s checklist Friday afternoon. I have all the supplies here at my house.


Stephen (our son) has a golf thingy from 11-12.
If you need some help hauling stuff or setup I can come down and then return home to take him to his lesson.
I am planning on being there after I pick him up at 12 and drop him off at another thingy.
Should be there from 1:00 till the end.

Just making sure what time my wife is off of work the night before I will know today sometime to sign up

Program is 10-2. I will be aiming to get there closer to 9 when library opens to set up

I can try to be there around 9:30 to help out at least until Brad can be there. I may be able to stay longer.


So I’ve never been to this library event, so I’d just like to clarify, is the address 4450 Glen Este-Withamsville Road
Cincinnati, OH 45245 ?

Yes I believe that is correct.

are you sure? Steve thinks it’s 326 Broadway Street in Batavia.

I think it is at the Union Township library.