Learn to solder call for volunteers

We are still looking for volunteers to be able to commit to helping with the learn-to-solder event. So far it’s me and Jessica, which might make for a pretty long day. And I’d kind of like to see some of the faire myself.

You do not need to be a soldering wizard (though it would be great to have you experts helping), the soldering is as basic as it gets. Even someone willing to sit at a station and make sure people/kids don’t grab a hot iron would be helpful.

We don’t know how busy it will be, but the folks at ATX say it is tremendously popular with kids and they always have long lines. Jessica can back this up. I’m going to have 5 soldering irons, but don’t intend to have any more plugged in than we have instructors, so if there is a lot of interest, more people would be better.

If you were one of the people planning to be a floating volunteer, please consider committing to an hour or two to this table. If it turns out that we don’t have a lot of demand, we can always release you to go do the “pitch in where needed” thing.

At the meeting Jim had mentioned that they were co-ordinating volunteers, but the organizers expressed trepidation about whether random people would be qualified to teach it, and asked me to solicit you folks.

Please email me or reply to the list with any times you can be available and I’ll try to co-ordinate a schedule.

Hi Marcus,

I will be full-time busy at the PTDR. There is a silver lining in every dark cloud. You may have a VERY popular event (being indoors and warm) since the current weather forcast has climbed from 10%, to 30%, and 50% chance of rain. I’ll help late and/or if PTDR gets rained out.

Try to get volunteers to commit to specific time frames up front.

Best of luck in your great activity, Jim

So far we have Jessica and Michael joining me at 12. I know there are more of you planning to help, please let me know when you can be there. It would be great to have a few each for 2, 4, 6 and 8.

Remember, if you signed up to be a volunteer from the web site they will NOT assign you to this table unless you specifically tell them that’s what you are going to to do.