Learn to solder badge report

I’ve finally gotten around to counting up the money in the tip jar.

The spreadsheet used to keep track of costs is still at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Aol5ETYgWdLAdHJJU2tvZWg1VmppVUUyYTRhX3dTZWc&usp=sharing

In total, $861.75 was spent on the project. $92.37 of that is expenses that I’m donating or absorbing (prototyping, part experiments that didn’t work out, etc.) $295.38 are expenses for parts that I’m reimbursing myself from donations, and the hive paid $475 for the boards. That’s $769.38 of hive expenses.

I can’t remember if the budget was $700 or $750, but in either case, I went over, mostly due to prototyping costs and parts that went missing over time. I’d feel bad except…

We took in $184 last year, $156.46 on Saturday and $140.45 on Sunday, for a total of $480.91.

After I subtract the $295.38 I’ve spent, that means I actually owe the hive $187, which I will get with Jim about before long.

So over all, the project cost the hive $475-$186.53=$288.47, which is quite a bit under budget.

If you want to assume that Jon would not have joined us last year if it were not for this project (shh, don’t tell me otherwise and burst my bubble, Jon), we can subtract his membership and come out with a profit! :slight_smile:

Awesome job, Marcus! I wish I was able to help last year, would have been fun.


Wow, that is great!!

Just an fyi, the budget was $750: http://wiki.hive13.org/view/June_25,_2013

Thanks for doing this Marcus! If you are starting to plan to next version now I would love to help and make a more advanced one this time.