Learn to solder at the mini maker fair

The ATX hackerspace (Austin) whose mailing list I lurk on has an outreach thing where they teach a “learn to solder” walk up class at events like mini-maker fairs, SXSW, other festivals, etc.

They do this in conjunction with selling kits (which are used for the lesson) for a little badge shaped like their bat logo that has a blinking LED. Very simple, very easy for a child or other novice to solder. And then the proud new owner is walking around the event with an advertisement for the space pinned (actually they use a magnet) to their clothing.

Does a hive13 logo version sound like a good idea to pursue for the upcoming mini-maker fair and future events?



Thanks for your post.

YES, the Hive has done a few soldering classes in the distant past,
and several members continue to say we want to have a standing
capability to do them in an organized way going forward. The
Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire in Washington Park on Oct. 19 is a great
venue to offer such a walk-up class.

The key need is for some one(s) to be willing to take ownership to
make it happen. If that is you and/or who else wants to step forward,
the rest of us will help support you with the equipment to make it
happen the first time, and maintain the kit to repeat the event into
the future.

Reply to get the ball rolling.


Great. I just wanted to gauge support before spending any time on it.

First item: Does anyone have any suggestions about what the device should look like? Would the text “I learned to solder at hive13” above and/or below the hive13 logo do, or do we want something else?

Marcus, replying to this so you can connect the name to the face.