Lazor Training

Hi all!

It’s been far too long since I’ve been down to the Hive. I was hoping to get down there this week to do something on the Ultimate Lazor. What is the training process for it?


I too would like some training on the “Lazor”


Me too. Small laser as well (I went to use it the other day and realized it had been so long that I didn’t feel very competent, so I didn’t use it).

Next week or the week thereafter, I’d be happy to offer some how to classes on equipment I am familiar with. Maybe I could consult with the undisputed experts. I’d be happy to put together class structures and teach with consultation. I have much more time to do this now, and enjoy it…


I can give an “intro to the mill” class.
I was thinking maybe after a Tuesday meeting, or a Saturday.

I have some time this week as I am off work.

For those who have already used the laser and need a refresher, Jim Dallam created a short training presentation .pdf file. It is available on the desktop of the laser cutter control PC (laserchicken) in a LASER TRAINING or similarly named folder.

As mentioned in another discussion thread, I’ve started updating the lists of trainers and approved users for the more complicated or dangerous machines. The lists of approved trainers are short at present, because I wanted to confirm with each person that they’d be willing to provide said training before sending people their way. If people want to volunteer as trainers, please let me or Jon Neal know so we can update the lists.

Unfortunately for the progress of this effort, I’ll be out of town until Jan 5. I’d be happy to run a laser training class once I return to Cincinnati. Perhaps Saturday the 9th. Would this work for anyone?

  • Ry

If anyone needs/wants to learn on an individual basis before then, I would also be happy to teach the use of either machine!

I don’t want to do a bigger “class” yet, because I would like to be more prepared for a formal class. One or two people at a time would work for me though.