Lazor PC

I scanned the Lazor PC threefold (MS Security Essentials, Malwarebytes, Trend Housecall) looking for nasties that might explain the USB thumb drive eating behavior. I didn’t find any. I’m going to try to find some “sacrificial” USB drives to bring in to try and see if it was a fluke or repeatable behavior. I know this is somewhat inconvenient, and I’d like to get it resolved.

I see someone put a USB PCI card next to the PC. This is good thinking but I’d rather get to the bottom of things than bandaid around problem.


It is repeatable behavior. Both Ryan and Bill have had their flash drives destroyed. Ryan poked around a bit and couldn’t decide if it was a hardware or software issue. You can discuss with him if you want some more details I am sure!

I had no problem. Though the front port didn’t read my drive, I was able to swap to the back USB port and it was read with no problem.

I'd not had a problem weeks ago, but have not used the USB drives
since the sign went up. I've used the PC to do CAD work quite a bit
in the last weeks and the USB mouse will periodically flake out and
stop working. Unplugging it and plugging it back in always got it to