Lazor Classes

Since this is really late notice for a class and since I already said I would do one this coming Monday I figure I will just do two classes back-to-back.

One July 11th starting at 7:30 pm and another on July 18th starting at 7:30 pm as well.

Part of the deal w/ helping fund the laser purchase was those people would get into the class free. The current plan is that those people can just show up w/o registering.

The class will be limited to 10 people + laser funders that show up.

From previous discussions the plan w/ the laser cutter was only members can use the laser cutter, so I am assuming the class would be only open to other members.

I was figuring on a cost of $20 and since it would be members only there would be no need for a coupon code.

  • $10 in laser time (20 minutes)
  • $10 Instructor which I will probably put towards something for the laser cutter.
    I am planning on starting the class off by doing a presentation on general information about the laser cutter, things you can cut, things you shouldn’t cut, how to find out if a material is safe, and overview of how to use the laser cutter and where to find additional information.

I am planning on finishing up the class by having a small project that each attendee can cut out on the laser while I guide them through the process.

Final bit of information: I sent an email to Craig about setting up the registration pages and at some point later today I am hoping that we will be able to send out the email to w/ a link to the class registration.