Lazer Manager site

Hi all,

In conjunction with the blog post on this topic ( I would like to send out an email to the mailing list letting everyone know that you can now access, spend, transfer and buy laser minutes on the new laser manager site!

You should create an account with the same email as your paypal account. This will help with minutes being automatically added to your account. If you donated to the laser cutter project you are entitled to some starter minutes at half price. I have a list of everybody who is due minutes but I can not add them to your account until you create it. So if you are owed minutes and create an account please send me an email so I can give you your free minutes.

Also not this is the first public release and there will be more updates in the future. This project also lives in the Hive13 github repo and is open source.



Hey Craig,
I never hear back from anyone regarding my cooling
fans. Is that issue already resolved?
Rgrds.; Adrian

I know we are still working on blowers so I think the issue is still outstanding but I personally am not the one working on that part. Chris Davis and Paul are the ones resolving that. We got one from mendlesons and It think a member has one or two as well but if they don’t get in touch with you I would assume the have it under control?

Thanks a ton for checking on this!


Hi Adrian,

My fault, I dropped the ball on getting in touch with you. I’ll follow up off list.


I’m due to pick up two blowers (1x 1000 CFM 3 speed, 1 x 500CFM) from a friend that does HVAC on wednesday when he comes in to have his car tuned. If we NEED them before then, I can swing down to Burlington and pick them up but I’d rather not make the 45 min each way drive :slight_smile: