Lathe tool purchase


I proposed in the meeting that we get some basic tools for the “big boy” lathe that will be installed soon. The current list came to about $400, with taxes and misc other stuff I asked for a vote on a $500 budget.

I made a list on Google Docs:

Feel free to take a look. My thoughts is that this stuff would live in a dedicated tool box by the lathe (some of it could be used for the mill). Need to find a tool box . . . .

My general plan is that people would bring their own cutting tools but the majority of the fixtures and measurement stuff would exist at the Hive. I would give classes on how to use some of the measuring stuff (machinist squares are NOT hammers) and of course I want to have a lathe basic class once things come together.

I still haven’t forgotten about having a Saturday drill/tap class. The PTDR adventure took all my free time but now I should be able to fit something in-between the library events. :slight_smile:

I also collected the “normal” drill bits into a new fractional case and sharpened the larger ones. Please use those for general use and save the cobalt set for places where accuracy is needed.

How big of a box? I have a couple extra small ones. Also have a couple of super coupons for the harbor freight tool carts. They’re very nice for the price, $170ish.

Most of the tools are small (calipers, gauges, lathe dogs) so I don’t think we need anything huge.
I like the drawer boxes to try and prevent folks just throwing stuff in a box. I may look into a HF drawer box or a craiglist Kennedy box.

I already have feet on the way, so you can remove those!

Do you have links for any of these items? I’d like to take a look at the specifics of some of these (mostly the micrometer and machinist squares).

Looks like a good list of basic tooling.


Cool. I removed the feet from the doc.

The link in the doc should go to the Amazon public list.

Saved me from doing a link to each item. :slight_smile:

i’m not married to the micrometer or caliper. I would like dedicated ones that would stay with the machines and not be used for general stuff.
I think I got a HF micrometer for around the same price (around $35), just easier to have one order.
I do like the digital caliper that also does fractionals. The HF one is $19.99.

Would like to get a lockable tool/storage box that we could put a combo lock on and trained people would have access to.

As another item I would like to ask about is fasteners. I spent a few minutes looking for some bolts and matching nuts to mount the metal band saw. I’d be happy to go through the existing stuff and make a list for what is missing/needed. I lean toward metric myself so I don’t think we are that bad off. We definitely don’t have much Imperial stuff.
HF has a nice(ish) 30 bin storage setup for like $30. Could add that in place of the feet. :slight_smile:

Let me know what you think.

I've seen a few build threads for storage racks built around a line of part organizers from harbor freight. This one is probably the best for build quality:

But there are several others.

These units seem less fiddly and spill/dust prone than the usual hanging bins. I've purchased a few for home use, and was considering building a smaller cabinet for them. Is there any interest in doing this for the hive?

- Ry

I have some more craftsman tool storage boxes if you would like to check them out for organizing some of the machining stuff, also have a kobalt one as well. With not having the shop anymore boxes that were used for alignment machine stuff and other special crap are no longer needed. I will keep in touch with pictures and models. Also if you would like anything welded/fabricated just shoot me a sketch :slight_smile: