Lathe Tool Post Purchase

Hi all,

We would like to purchase a lathe tool post for the lathe we have. The current post is a very old style and rather difficult to effectively use. Since the lathe is loaned to us this is something that we can keep and use on another lathe at a later point.

The type suggested for our lathe is an AXA quick change tool post and I believe it will be about $200.

I would like to propose a vote for the next meeting. If you have any questions/comments feel free to ask them here as well as replying to vote.


Count me as a Yea!!!


If I don’t make it to the next meeting, count me as a yea!

I vote Yea

FYI, I have a set of carbide indexable lathe tool bit holders that should fit your Atlas lathe. I can bring them tonight if you’d like to try them.