Lathe not level

The lathe has settled a bit, and is noticeably low on the motor side. This is normal, and a normal amount of settling over these months for this new, heavy tool. We should find an opportune time to re-level (more than 1 or 2 people job)


I was just thinking the same thing.
The wood floor is not the best foundation but we can work with it. I put the larger feet on it when we got the lathe.

Let’s level it and then keep an eye on it. If it is “sinking” into the floor we might want to put each foot on a steel pad (maybe 3/8" thick, 6"x6").

We should try and borrow an accurate level (or buy one).

This one is $87.

I’ll be out of town till next weekend.
Be careful!


Or just put a bearing ball on it and see where it rolls…

Hey, I do have two very high precision levels… I could try and visit :slight_smile: