Lathe move


I would like to get the lathe moved into the metal room.

We have one engine lift at the Hive but I think we should have another so we can lift from both ends. Could anyone bring one down?

I have some time early Saturday afternoon say around 1:00-3:00. I’ll be at the HIve.

The current plan is to lift the lathe off the shipping crate bottom and place it on the two heavy dollies that we have. One has the 55 gallon trash can and the other has the kiln/furnace on it. Then we should be able to (carefully) push it into the metal room. Then lift it off the dollies and set it on the floor. I’m thinking we may want to bolt it to some 4x4’s for stability during the move but we can see how things come together.

I think Jon ordered the feet. Do we know where they are?

We will also have to install a 220v outlet in the area.

We still have to fill the gearbox with oil and then do a break in sequence before we can cut anything.

Realize we may not actually get it moved on Saturday but we could get things going to make it happen.

Brad, there is another heavy duty dolly down there that may be useful…I think I last saw it leaning up against the shelves across from the welding room entrance


We were able to get the lathe moved into the metal room. Thanks to Jim and Ryan (and Boone).
It is still mounted to the skid and dollys.
I have ordered 6 leveling feet from Amazon they should arrive mid week.
Hopefully we can then use the engine hoist to lift it off the skid and mount the feet.
We will still need to get a 220v outlet installed on that wall for the lathe.
I think we should also think about some cover material that will protect it from welding spatters. Maybe some fire blankets stitched together?

Getting excited to get it spinning metal. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much to you guys for getting that done and jumping in there with that big heavy project. My pansy ass has been sidelined for a while still so no heavy lifting for me LOL however if you would like me to come up with a cool folding hinged sheet metal cover for the new it would be fun. The fire blankets would still be a great idea as well due to the oil build-up that gets in places and on shavings and chips that could start fires. I will be down at the meeting Tuesday so we can talk about some stuff then :slight_smile: