Last steps needed at 2929 on Sunday, July 26

For y'all looking to work today, here is the list still needed at 2929:

1) repair drywall around FabLab door
2) repair trim around FabLab door and other hallway door
3) remove remaining air lines
4) remove @blundar's workbench

All of that should be considered higher priority than anything at 2701.


Kevin M.

  1. done
  2. done


Garden street has inspected the old space and approved it’s condition as-is.

thanks everyone for all your work getting us to this point!

when’s the party?


Did anyone grab the flat top grill on wheels that the Hive was borrowing from the move? I didnt have time to make it down. Just had anothwr foot procedure.

Kevin Schuler

It was found and moved to 2701. The printers had ‘figured it was theirs’.

Dave v,

Thank you very much sir!!!