Last Call - MakerFest this saturday, oct 10, 10a-3p

We have the space, place, and time…

I have all the materials I ordered, (bought generic perf boards, but I DO have magnets!!)
Sorry I could not make it to the Hive meeting tonight - sorry

I have Bradman and his son (who’s presenting a session on his own)
Marvin Stuart is coming, and will be doing a side session on cnc’s and 3dprinting as well\

Bill S. is coming, but will likely be at the Polar table.
and a couple folks signed up or said they would check.

If any other folks can make it to help out with the Learn to solder session, can you fill out the form linked below, rather than clutter up the google group?

I have some high school students who have offered to help - but would just like to do a final walk through.

You will have a 20x20’ space - if there’s lots of interest for folks to show off their creations, or give other demos I can expand by Friday AM
I will keep a running list for my registration table. if you can help out for an hour, and tour some of the breakout sessions, workshops, and more.

Teachers are eager for this and little makerspaces are popping up in middle schools all over the city.
Would love it if someone can sign up to bring the signage and some flyers for folks.

Volunteer / Maker Form:

Many thanks

Marcus Twyford
Comp Sci & Engineering Faculty
Cincinnati Country Day School

MakerFest _Poster.pdf (994 KB)

I’ll stop by the Hive and get the two learn to solder boxes on Friday. Are there any more Hive PCB’s, it looks like there are a few stacks in the boxes.
Perhaps I can grab the cool “learn to solder” sign also?

Do we have any Hive13 general stuff (flyers, signage, swag, cookies, etc)? I’ll dig around Friday afternoon when I get the boxes.

I’ll get to the event around 9:30 am to setup. I’m thinking the morning will be mostly educators so it will be more adult based with discussions about makerspaces and making in general. After lunch will be open to the public so that will be a bit crazier. I will need to help my son give his talk at 1:30 but I’ll come back after that. The event is supposed to wrap up around 3:00.

Good times,


By “cool learn to solder sign”, do you mean the tri-fold display with excepts from Mitch Altman’s learn to solder comic?

Unfortunately, it’s in the trunk of the car. I was encouraged to talk it home rather than leave it at the hive, for space reasons. Though the more I think about it, the more it makes sense to store it behind a cabinet or something at the hive.

I live in West Chester and work in Mason, if either of those two places are convenient for anyone. If not, I can drive somewhere to meet up.

Actually I was thinking of the sign Elly made with “learn to solder” and a graphic of a soldering iron.
It is on the wall by the meeting area.

The trifold one would also be cool. We could try and connect Friday, I am taking off work to get some car work done. Feel free to email me ( and we can connect.



Oh yeah, that sign is much cooler.

The posters are actually nailed to the wall right now, for storage until future events. (This is a future event, haha).

I will pull that down and get the donation buckets out before you need them on Friday. I’ll let you know where I put them so you can pick them up!