Lasers are Working. The Exhaust fan has been replaced.

Thank You to Paul Marsh for donating a nearly new Fan. Thank You to Greg Arnold and Ryan Hershey for helping to install it. I added some straps, sheet metal and aluminum duct tape to seal up the last air leaks
The results are in:
#1 The Fan is so quiet, the loudest thing in the FabLab is now the air pump on the big laser. Now that you can hear the air pump you know how loud the old fan was.
#2 The new fan is wired for 220 v and comes on when you turn on the big laser. Turn the key on the big laser, you will hear the chiller go beep beep, the fan takes a few seconds to wind up but it works very well.

Thanks for all you do for HIVE13.


Thanks for taking care of this everyone. Great teamwork.

Exhaust Fan 2.jpg


Exhaust Fan 2.jpg

Yes, thank you indeed!

Exhaust Fan 2.jpg

Thank you, everyone, for all the hard work to get the laser/exhaust fan working again!