LaserJet 4050N - free

Would anyone like a laserjet 4050n with a jetdirect card? It works fine and has a working toner cartridge.

If nobody chimes up it will be taken to goodwill


Damnit. So close, but too late.

Shadoxx, Seriously... you fix printers for a living...if you can't
get a free printer, you are doing it wrong.

Hint: "Hmm, this one looks will cost $50 to
remove the old or I can take it when I leave if you want."

You're welcome

Takes place in line if the other folks decide against grabbing it… Networked printers are convenient.

Yes it is free, I will bring it with me down to the hackerspace next Tuesday. Priority will be given to those who replied first here and show up on Tuesday evening.

IS this where he forgot to mention there prolly no driver support for windows 7 / 8 or intel mac ? wlEmoticon-smilewithtongueout[1].png
cause HP is great that way >=)