Laser Wiring Update

Hello everybody,
It has been requested by several people that updates and information for things be communicated more often. So, I’ll start with this!

While I was makerboting I went ahead and cleaned up the laser area a little bit (sweeping, putting the ceiling tile back). The important note is that I rearranged the wiring for the laser. I moved the UPS, that all of the laser system was on, to the plug that the AC is also in. I then plugged the long table strip in to this. This means the actual laser and computer are the only things plugged in to that UPS. It had way too high of a load on it and even when plugging the fan in after everything else was still cutting out. I moved the power strip with the peripherals (fan, pump, compressor) to a direct connection to the makerbot UPS. This reduces the load on that power strip so it is safer and also reduces the load on the makerbot UPS.

This means you no longer need to turn that power strip on with the fan unplugged. It all starts fine without overloading the makerbot UPS. I have not tried to turn it all on while the makerbot has been active, though (not about to ruin my own print!).

This does not solve the problem of overloading the circuit for the fab lab as I believe these two separate outlets are still on the same circuit.

Also, if you see that the bin below the laser looks pretty full please take it out to the dumpster around back! Not too much work and it makes everything cleaner and everyone happier!