Laser tune up

The big laser needs a tune up. She's a bit out of alignment.

The procedure is on the wiki. It takes 30 to 60 min. depending on your skill at zeroing in each mirror.
The grid targets are in one of the Laser parts tool boxes on the bottom shelf of the grey cabinet.
Paul, Brad. Let’s do a tune up Tuesday evening. Then you guys are self sufficient.


Sounds great.

Thanks, I’ll be there.
I do feel capable of doing it after watching you the last time we did it; but it would be nice to have some over the shoulder guidance.

Dave (+):

Are you thinking to hold tomorrow night’s laser tune-up session before, or after, the meeting? I’d like to try and watch over the shoulder.


I’ll be at Hive13 around 5 pm. We can plan on doing the tune up at 5 or 6 pm. That should leave time to complete the alignment before the meeting.
Dave V

I’ll drink a cup of strong coffee and head down tonight. Sounds like a good time.