Laser training

With the wood shop being out of commission for a while I was wondering if anyone was available to train me on the laser?
I have been trained to use the laser at the manufactory but the one at the Hive is a different brand, but likely from the same manufacturer. Also, the soft ware at the Hive is different. I'd greatly appreciate it and and able to compensate you for your time. I'll be available during the evenings this week.

Thanks everyone!

Paul -

I could be available in the late afternoon/early evening today, or on Monday evening.

Multiple people would be available on Tuesday or Wednesday evening due to the weekly meeting and dishwasher certification class.

And just to further pummel the perished pony, Hive13 doesn’t operate on a pay to learn model. Most of us are here to learn, make cool stuff, and improve the common space. We’re happy to teach what we know.

  • Ry

But beer is still a valid currency for help. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Cool, thanks Ryan!
I can be at the Hive tomorrow evening around 5-5:30, depending on the traffic.
I'll bring a sixer instead :blush:

Don’t rush on my account. My usual pattern is to avoid commuter comedy hour by working until a bit after 6, then driving over, so later is fine. If you’re tight on time however, I’ll just drive early and finish out the workday from the Hive. Mondays are super flexible.

As you say, you’re already familiar with the software concepts. There won’t be much of a learning curve.

  • Ry