Laser temporarily out of commision

Just an FYI, last night one of the mirrors in the laser got bumped out of position and after and 30 mins of attempting to fix it I failed. Should hopefully be fixed within the next few days.

If this hasn't been fixed, let me know... I can come in Tonight and align them.


I’d be eternally grateful if you could take care of this. I have things that need 3D printed and other things that need laser cut and one or both of the devices have been down for what seems like weeks. Next time I catch you at the hive, I would really appreciate a lesson in calibration / maintaining these tools so I can be more self-sufficient.

Much appreciated,

i would enjoy learning out to calibrate and maintain the laser as well!

I was going to say the same thing. I wonder if there’s enough interest to set a date and time for a small instruction class.

Ian M.

I’d be interested in learning as well.

I also would love to learn :slight_smile:

Would this also be a “checked out to use the laser” class? Because I’ve been seriously considering joining next month and one of my biggest interests is in how soon I can be on the list.

The laser is now back in service.


As for classes, you can stop by anytime we’re open and someone can walk you through the basics and the slide deck. At some point in the future I’d love to show all of you who are interested how to align it… the basic theory, etc.