Laser Re-certification - 10/22 @ 645pm

FYI - We’ll be offering a re-certification on the big laser tomorrow (Tuesday the 22nd) before the meeting. I plan to start around 645pm so that we can finish up before the weekly meeting.

We’ll discuss how the laser functions (what’s new) and how to use the amazing software called Lightburn.

I’m in.


I am also in.

I’m planning to be around, and my friend Ryan also is. He’s been around in the past, but is not currently a member, so I’m not sure how that works for him - but whatever the case, he wants to see the functions and the software.

Won’t miss it,

Sorry Brad. We don’t have enough room for you… maybe next time???

I’ll be there!

I’m interested. Coming to the meeting anyhow.

That’s OK. I’ll just deactivate Lightburn on both machines. . . . .