laser printer for Hive

I saw someone fighting with the big laser printer yesterday so I just ordered the Dell e310W for the Hive. I got one for home and it is working great.
Duplex laser with wireless printing (airprint supported).


Replacement generic cartridges are $12.

I should get it around March 14th. (free shipping).

OOOOooo damn prices have dropped

They’re operating on a loss leader model, making profits with predatory toner pricing. Continual warfare is waged around authentication chips in third party toner cartridges. Printer firmware updates often reportedly disable cheaper cartridges.

So what I’m saying here is don’t upgrade the printer. :smiley:

  • Ry

I agree, I wouldn’t upgrade the printer firmware. :slight_smile:

This is such a cheap option, I’m not too nervous about things not working.
I’ve installed a generic toner cartridge on mine and there was not issue.
I think this printer is on the lower end of the spectrum and is old/outdated.

We can see how it works.