Laser Moved Temporarily


I have moved the Laser Cutter from 1A to 1C temporarily as a workaround for our ventilation issues. It is hooked up and working again in its new location. The exhaust is currently vented through a hole in the window in 1C. This hole doesn’t have the proper outdoor cover, therefore the air duct should be brought inside and the hole should be covered when the laser cutter is not in use. Additionally, due to dust and other debris around 1C, the laser should be covered with a blanket when it’s not in use. See me for assistance if any of this is confusing.

This workaround is intended to be temporary until more permanent ducting can be deployed.

See you tomorrow…


At LVL1 we used a 12V bilge fan (for sucking diesel fumes from a boat)
on our laser. It has 4" vent fittings so it is easy to attach to your
vent hose. It is kind of noisy, but we do not get the smells like we
used to. It looks like this
but the one we use is not that one. We have a guy who is into boats
who installed it.

Brian (from LVL1)

While the blower we currently have hooked up to the laser is indeed inadequate (Only 150 CFM) the main reason for moving the laser in this case was because one of our neighbors was complaining that the vented fumes were coming back into his apartment in the warehouse.

To address the puny blower issue we acquired an old furnace blower that is capable of moving 2500 CFM, and to address the neighbor issue we are looking into making a sort of smoke-stack vent that will hopefully allow the fumes to dissipate a bit more once outside.

The blower: