Laser material info

Hi all!

Just stumbled on another maker space’s comments on laser-safe materials (and how to check).

Don’t know if this is new info to us, but here it is:


Excellent article. Might be nice to make a poster and put it by the laser cutters.
The whole Polycarbonate and Acrylic thing is scary. They look very similar and can have very different results.
I’m not even sure where the laser exhaust exits. Out the side of the building? Into an orphanage?

Atxhs is great. They are where I got the idea for the learn to solder badges and where we got Jessica Ross from before she went back.

I could have sworn that link was on the wiki because I’ve been there often, but apparently it was just in my head.

I tried to add it to the wiki just now, at, but apparently I can’t do math, since I can’t solve the captcha. I even got “10+0” wrong.

It’s possible the outbound proxy at my work is getting in the way.

I do give people guidelines when I teach them how to use the lasers, and I definitely cover the dangerous ones that can hurt you (such as things with chlorine), and things that tend not to cut well, etc. I also make people aware that they need to do test cuts on any new material (that is deemed safe) to see how it will react (if it will melt, catch fire, burn, etc.)

This link is AWESOME and very comprehensive! I went ahead and put it on the wiki. :smiley: Thanks!

Also, our exhaust exits outside the building, up and away!

Just a note that I (and others) have successfully cut ABS on the laser, despite it being on the ATX Never Cut list.

I never had any issues with catching on fire or turning gooey. However it does emit very “aromatic” and probably toxic fumes. I haven’t cut ABS in awhile, but I always let it sit with the fan on for 5 min before opening the lid.