Laser Jog Setting Goofed Up

Just a note for anyone trying to use the laser. Last night it was noticed that the ‘jog’ directional arrows on the laser cutter were only moving the laser cutter ~1 mm at a time. I am not sure if this was fixed before I left, but I believe I have found the issue reviewing the manual for the laser cutter.

Manual Link:

Items of interest start on page 52, section 7.2.4 (see screenshot below):

I am not sure if anyone has tried setting the jog distance back to 000.0 MM, but it looks like that could be the issue for why the jog button was only moving the laser a discrete distance, rather than working via a continuous press.

It was changed last night. The issue was that the jog was set to .1mm instead of zero.


RTFM Strikes again! Go Paul!


On a laser related note… What is the thickest piece of wood we have cut on our laser? I am making a Christmas present and am interesting in cutting 3/4 inch wood (softer like plywood, not hardwood).

I was wondering first, if it was possible to cut something that thick, secondly what thickness our limit is, and thirdly if anyone has done it before and has any information on a place to start for cutting values.