Laser Graffiti

The whole light projection thread jogged a memory. And I'd like to
pick a few brains ...

Some one recently asked me about classic laser shows. The kind where
they have computer controlled lasers drawing artwork on wall -
frequently to Pink Floyd's The Wall.

I started thinking ... hmmm ...

Let's start by assuming the laser is easy to find and laser safety
considerations are addressed.

What if I used a mirror on a free pivoting anchor and two hacked up
speakers each pushing and pulling the mirror along the X and Y axis.
Drive them with a conventional amplifier from PC audio output of a
special WAV file rendered to drive the coils. The left channel could
be the Y axis and the right for the X.

I probably have to deal with resonant frequencies of the rig. Can
anyone else think of things I need to worry about?

If the goal is to move the laser to the music then maybe use the analog in ports of a microcontroller to drive the x & y motors…it would be easy to control more lasers that way…just thinking out loud…